What is WEA-PAC? 39,000 educators!

WEA-PAC is the Washington Education Association political action committee. Our mission is to recommend and elect pro-public education, pro-labor candidates to office. WEAPAC_Logo

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$20.21 for 2021 Fundraising Drive!

WEA-PAC members are being asked to make a one-time additional donation of $20.21 to help rebuild our PHEAWEAPACpicnicfence8.14.2021AC fund.

2020 was maybe the most important election of our lifetime. But with so much at stake, it took a lot of resources. In addition to all of the federal races (like president and vice-president!) that were up, there were a significant number of state-level offices up as well. This election was critical to maintaining our pro-education majorities in the State House and State Senate

– and we were successful because of your support.

That’s why we have to ask for your support once again. 2021 is also an important election – with school board races, city, county, and municipal races up all around the state. You’ve heard the saying “all politics is local.” Well, that saying has never been more true. Local school boards help determine when and how we safely return to in-person learning. It’s clear that who we elect to these positions matters, and WEA-PAC helps us have a voice in these elections. Please help us support local races by contributing today.


To contribute, click here. This money goes directly to supporting pro-education, pro-labor candidates. It is your work in WEA-PAC that lays the foundation and will continue to allow us to be successful in years to come.  


HEA WEAPAC Meet the Candidates picnic 8/14/2021