Highline Education Association & Highline School District Joint Committees

These joint committees are established through the bargaining process. They meet several times each year to monitor and discuss aspects of our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA.) HEA, Highline Education Association, committee members are appointed by the HEA President. HSD, Highline School District, committee members are appointed by the district administration. These groups frequently make recommendations to the Joint HEA-HSD Bargaining Teams and/or the HSD Board of Directors: 

  • Dual Language Leadership Team - Established in Section 4.23 of the CBA, this team meets 4-6 times per year to support effective implementation of the dual-language program, including materials and resources, professional development, and training, and workload/staffing.
    • HEA: ​​​​​​Carrie Hylander (HEA Chair), Jessica Canul Diaz, Jordan Montalvo, Gami Diaz Lizama, Delila Lieber, Ben Estes, Serena Marshall, Sandy Hunt
    • HSD: Adina Thea (HSD Co-Chair), Corbin Busby, Casey Jeanot 
  • Dual Language Secondary Study Committee -  A temporary committee to provide continued and additional focus on issues related to dual language at the secondary level.
    • HEA: ​​​​​​Nicole Grambo (HEA Chair), Thanh Dinh, Salvador Gomez, Thao Vo, Marylou Gomez, Kasey Sweeney-Easter, Alyssa Huizar, Elizabeth Beck (WEA UniServ Rep) 
    • HSD: Shajaira Lopez (HSD Co-Chair)
  • Kindergarten Assessment Work Group - Colloquially known as the WaKIDS Committee, this workgroup is established in Section 4.24 of the CBA. They meet at least once per year to continue monitoring the implementation of TS GOLD and Kindergarten Assessment in general.
    • HEA: Yazmin Gil (Co-Chair), Kristin Alfonso 
    • HSD: Kathy Emerick (HSD Chair)
  • Joint Evaluation Team JET/TPEP Issues  - Established in Section 19.2 of the CBA, the JET meets 3-5 times per year to monitor the implementation of the PG&E system and address questions/concerns as they arise. This team also reviews and approves any PG&E support documents.
    • HEA: Brandice Tranholt (HEA Co-Chair), Stephanie Nelson, Christian Tautua, Amanda Stanley, Thara Cooper, Erik Kory, Elizabeth Beck (WEA UniServ Rep.)
    • HSD: Kimberly Jones (HSD Co-Chair), Maggie Heater, Sharon Schmitt, Tamasha Emedi, Deena Russo, Chris Larson
  • Joint Inclusive Services Team (JIST) - This joint committee will monitor the workload impacts of more inclusive models of providing special education support.
    • HEA: Sara Fox (HEA Co-Chair), Andrew Hobkirk-Frerich, Ashlee Godwin, Nano Walker, Katie McGrew, Caitlin Tin, Brandice Tranholt, Mari Moon, Karen Starr, Jeb Binns, Mason Costantino, Elizabeth Beck (WEA UniServ Director),(Courtney Wiley, Jessica Ingersoll- support)
    • HSD: Jana Parker (HSD Co-Chair), Alex Hass, Dylan Koutsky, Kym Nelson, Christina Fritsch, Gaye Bungart, Darren Spencer, Natasha Richardson, Tim Dupue
  • Highline Assessment Team (HAT) - Established through a Letter of Agreement (LOA), this team meets 4-6 times per year to monitor assessment issues and make recommendations to the HSD Board of Directors and/or the joint bargaining teams about assessments and assessment support.
    • HEA: Sandy Hunt (HEA Co-Chair). Emily Chapman, Jenny Jacob, Lisa Juvinall, Cat Saephanh, Daniel Ervin
    • HSD: Rebekah Kim (HSD Co-Chair), Mike Fosberg, May Ovales, Chad Kodama
  • Student Behavior Support Committee (SBSC) - Formed through a Letter of Agreement for the 2020-2022 school years, the  SBST will work to address goals such as: supporting effective implementation of culturally responsive student engagement; identification and elimination of existing barriers and practices that hinder equity; and implementation of instructional strategies that minimize exclusions of students from educational environments. As a new committee, the frequency of meetings has yet to be established.
    • HEA: Tracy Werthman (HEA Co-Chair), Kiana Brisco, Rich Coker, Chaz Terimel, Jude Nnanabu /Adrienne Cook, Donella Oleston, Sandy Hunt, Elizabeth Beck (WEA UniServ Rep.)
    • HSD: Melissa Pointer (HSD Co-Chair), Holly Ferguson, Tim Dupue, Val Allen, Kevin Takasiaki, Kyle Hutchinson, Sharon Schmitt, Alyssa McCaslin, Victoria Terry, Lyon Terry, Jodi Robertson
  • Highline Equity and Anti-Racist Team (HEART) - Created through a Letter of Agreement for the 2020-2022 school years, the HEART is comprised of representatives from HEA, HSD administration, HSD classified staff and community members. This team will work with other committees such as the SBST and IMC to promote anti-racist professional learning and curricula that include important events and perspectives from historically marginalized communities. This group will also develop a structure for site-based Equity Teams in Highline, and support worksites in conducting equity and anti-racist analyses. The group will determine the frequency of meetings.
    • HEA: Shawna Moore (HEA Co-Chair), Yvonne Walker, Renee Agatsuma, Amelia Swinton, Sara Fox
    • HSD: Holly Ferguson (HSD Co-Chair), Jemma Kim, Andrea Smith, Bradley Lee, Jay Novelo, Ishmael Miller, Deena Russo

In addition, the HEA-HSD CBA mandates HEA member involvement in the adoption of curriculum and other instructional materials. Therefore, HEA representation is needed on the following HSD Committees:

  • Instructional Materials Committee (IMC) - School Districts are required by state law to have an Instructional Materials Committee to review and recommend instructional materials and curriculum adoption cycles. HEA and HSD have agreed to contract language mandating that at least 1/3 of the total members of Highline's IMC will be members of HEA's bargaining unit recommended by the HEA President for participation on the committee.
    • HEA members: Sandy Hunt (HEA Co-chair), Hilda Huizar, Dawn Lindgren, Stefan Nelson, Jenny Voss 
    • HSD members: Bernard Koontz (HSD Co-Chair), Kathy Emerick, Gaye Bungart, Jami Haskin, Shajaira Lopez, Jennifer Renig, Jana Parker, Laura Schneider, Meghan Terwilegar, Adina Thea
  • Curriculum Adoption Committees - These are short-term committees, dependent upon curricula under review. HEA and HSD have negotiated that at least 1/2 of the members of an adoption committee will be members of HEA's bargaining unit recommended by the HEA President for participation.

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